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I wonder what will happen next! We have more trouble. After I serviced the generator on Saturday, I left the generator slide open. I was more concerned with cleaning myself up and also allowing the fuel smell to dissipate.

Yesterday, I turned on the HWH hydraulic system and pushed the rocker switch to retract the generator. Nothing happened. No sound, no pump running, no movement of the generator slide. I tried the living room slide switch. Same result, no go.

I started checking ground connections. I looked up front to see if there were any connectors I might have accidentally bumped while I was working on the generator. There isn’t anything associated with the HWH pump up there. I cleaned ground connections anyway.

At that point, it was time to tune in the Charger game.  I was happy to see them win a tough match in Buffalo, but all the while, I was thinking about the HWH problem. I looked up information on the Internet during the Broncos versus Seahawks game. I posted a question on the Alpine Coach forum asking where I would find the HWH control box. One of the members replied, telling me it was behind the front console. I decided to wait until Monday morning to start taking things apart.

This morning I dove into the project.

There's an HWH control box in there somewhere

There’s an HWH control box in there somewhere.

Aha - there it is

Aha – there it is!

I poked around and finally located the control box. I examined connectors. I found the ground lug loose on the control box. I tightened it, thinking I had found the problem. Nope, still no action from the pump.

I broke out my Fluke Digital Multimeter and began the tedious troubleshooting procedure at the hydraulic pump. I started by testing the master relay. This was difficult as the master relay is hidden behind the pump motor. I had to use a mirror to locate the terminals and hook up the meter by feel. I found proper voltage on the terminals there. I checked all of the connectors at the relays and the motor. I re-checked continuity through the grounds. I had Donna operate the switch. I could hear the relay click. I think I have a bad motor.

That’s when I threw my hands up in the air and called Coach – Net. We’re members of their RV Roadside Assistance program. I explained the issue to the customer service girl. She said she would have a technician call me back shortly. An hour later, I called them again. The technician assigned to handle the call, Leonard, said he was just about to call me. He was doing research on the HWH system. I told him I had the HWH troubleshooting guide and told him the tests I’d performed. He said I had already done everything he wanted me to check. The next step was to find a qualified technician in the area who could come out to assist me.

As I was typing this, I got a call from an RV service outfit in Murrieta. Coach – Net had contacted them. I went over the issue with them on the phone. They will call me back to tell me when they can have someone here to help me. Coach – Net pays for the travel time and standard service call. I’ll have to pay for any parts and additional labor to install them.

Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Calling Coach-Net

  1. Jim Sims

    I hope you’re as lucky as I was when I called Coach-Net on Saturday morning of Labor Day weekend while trying to leave a CG in West Glacier. My left rear airbag would not inflate and I could hear a load air leak but could not find it. I went to the CG office and got mobile service recommendations but there was no answer from any of these. I called C-N and they found some one that arrived within 2 hours. He quickly found a stuck check valve, wacked it with a hammer and I had it replaced when we got home. It gets better, he didn’t charge me a nickel because he said C-N pays so much better than other roadside service companies. I was already preparing for the fact we may not find someone until Tuesday after Labor Day. If all my troubles were resolved this easily the world would be just about perfect.

    1. Mike Kuper Post author

      Glad to hear it worked out for you, Jim. Coach – Net has a pretty good reputation. A mobile RV tech will be here between 3pm and 4pm. Coach – Net already followed up with me to make sure I was satisfied the outfit they’re sending. Hopefully we can get this working in the next 48 hours, we are supposed to leave here Wednesday.


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