Hot Spell Broken

The unseasonably warm weather has cut down my activities. We’ve had high temperatures in the mid-90s since Thursday of last week through Tuesday of this week. We’ve had the air conditioners running and I’ve spent a lot of time indoors reading books.

Yesterday the warm spell broke. Overnight the temperature dropped to 58 degrees. Donna was up early to join a group from ViewPoint RV and Golf Resort on a hike. They drove up the Beeline Highway (AZ87) toward Payson to the Little Saddle Trail near Mazatzal Mountain. They hiked all the way to the end of trail and continued another quarter mile further up the mountain where they stopped for a snack. The total distance out and back was 8.75 miles with an elevation gain of 1,900 feet.

The Little Saddle Trail follows a creek bed and crosses it a few times. I think Sycamore Creek is a dry creek bed at times, but it has running water right now and a few pools. Donna took several pictures on her hike.

Part of the Little Saddle Trail follows the Arizona Trail which runs from Mexico to Utah

Hiking up an open section

Green foliage at this time of year

Sycamore Creek

Sycamore Creek crossing

Colorful rocky section above Sycamore Creek

Sign at the end of Little Saddle Trail

Mazatzal Mountain view

One of many cairns on the trail

Checking out the creek

While Donna was out on her hike, I hit the pickleball courts for the Wednesday 3.0-3.5 level round robin games. I played seven games and had a great time. We had good match-ups and played at a high level – the best I’ve played.

The high temperature for the day was in the low 80s. Later in the afternoon, when Donna returned from her hike, I covered the Spyder, Traeger and Weber Q grill. The forecast called for a chance of rain overnight and they called it right. Rain moved in around 11pm. It rained off and on until this morning.

Today we expect partly cloudy skies and the temperature will top out in the low 70s. We’ll be back up to 80 by the weekend. Temperatures in the high 70s to low 80s is fine with me – I just don’t want any more 90+ degree days.

2 thoughts on “Hot Spell Broken

  1. Barb Pickering

    Hi Mike,
    We just got home from the Escapee Escapade which was at the Fair Grounds in Tucson.
    It was lots of fun – a chance to hook up with people we only see once a year, or . . . . .
    Weather started off pretty warm and then, Thursday I think, we woke up to rain and a
    chilly 58 degrees. It did get a little warmer, but it was definitely sweatshirt weather

    While we were there I got inspired to spiff up the outside of the coach. I know you take
    REALLY good care of yours and I’m hoping you will share any recommends you may have
    about wax products, or protective coatings.

    We sure enjoy reading about all your adventures – and the pickleball and track events you both have fun with. Thanks for lettin’ me eavesdrop on your adventure.

    Happy Trails & Safe Travels . . .
    Barb Pickering –

    1. Mike Kuper Post author

      Thanks Barb. If I can use water, I use a car wash product from Rain-X that has carnauba wax in it. Usually I just use a waterless product called The Solution. It’s really easy, spray a fine mist on and wipe it off. It makes a good shine and leaves a protective film.


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