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Passport America

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Passport America

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6 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Chuck Wronka

    To: Mike Kuper… I am brand new to owning an Alpine 2001 38′ coach… I have only had it a few months..
    I have a mid door coach as well #38201 and it is fantastic… It has been over a decade since I drove a
    monster like this.. My coach is also a Sonora Premium Exterior paint like yours… and unfortunately
    I got too close to some rocks on a narrow road… Can you tell me where I can find out the specific Alpine
    exterior paint color numbers for these three shades of brown/tan… I am trying to match the lower panel
    color on the storage hatches… Do you have any suggestions ? Love this coach… everywhere
    you look quality ! If I can just keep it on the road in one piece… HaHaHa Regards, Chuck

    1. Mike Kuper Post author

      Hi Chuck, welcome to the Alpine Coach family. Have you checked out the Alpine Coach Association web site? They have paint information there. Also, has an Alpine Coach forum that’s very active. I don’t have the paint codes on hand.

  2. Marty Hansen

    I live in Springfield, Mo and have been reading your Blog for a week or two. If you did not see the museum at College of the Ozarks, go back, it is a well kept secret and well worth your time,


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