Polishing Headlights

Donna and I hit the pickleball courts Friday for the first time since we were in Santa Fe. The courts are on the west end of the RV park – our site is on the east end. As we were leaving the coach, Donna asked a woman passing by on her bicycle if she saw anyone on the pickleball courts. The woman said she hadn’t seen anyone doing much of anything in the RV park. No one came out for pickleball, so Donna and I played singles. It was fun and a good way to work on accuracy and positioning, but doubles is a better game. We played five or six games – about an hour.

After we came home and hung out for a while, I received a severe weather warning on my smartphone. Thunderstorms and a possibility of a severe dust storm (haboob) were in the forecast. I saw rain falling to the south of us and heard thunder. We had a couple of passing showers, but not enough rain to wet the roads.

At 4pm, hoping that the showers had passed, we hopped on the scooter to meet up with Mike and Jodi Hall at Lucky Lou’s. As we rode east on McKellips, we rode right into a rain shower. It rained on and off for more than an hour while we were at Lucky Lou’s and we rode home through showers on wet roads.

On Saturday morning, I rode the scooter down Main Street. The traffic was very light. Most of the RV parks are empty as it’s early for the snowbird season. I stopped at a motorcycle shop and ordered a new front tire for the scooter. Our front tire is worn and I didn’t like riding on a wet road the night before with a worn tire. It should arrive by Wednesday and I’ll have it installed then.

I made another stop at O’Reilly Auto Parts. I had a $10 gift card from the time I recycled our old batteries at O’Reilly in San Diego. I wanted to buy a headlight polishing kit. Our headlight covers are made from a polycarbonate material. When they’re manufactured, a coating is applied to prevent scratching and UV degradation (yellowing from sunlight). Over time it degrades – it’s a common problem on cars and trucks made in the ’90s and early 2000s. Our coach uses BMW E39 headlights. Ours are scratched and pitted from exposure.

After comparing a few products, I settled on Meguiars Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit. The kit is complete with sanding discs, polishing compound and a polishing wheel designed to be used with an electric drill – it even includes a microfiber cloth for the application of the protectant formula once the lens is polished.

Scratched and pitted headlight cover

Scratched and pitted headlight cover with masking tape around it

I started by wet sanding with a 1000 grit sanding disc on a velcro sanding pad. Then I followed that with a 3000 grit disc. After sanding, I applied compound on the wool buffing pad with my cordless drill. It took about two hours – not including the half hour break while rain was falling – before I applied the protectant over the cover and declared it job done. It’s not perfect, but they are much better. When they degrade again, I think it’ll be time for replacement.

A couple of hours later they look much better

A couple of hours later they look much better

While I was working on the headlights, Donna had guests. She scheduled a meet-up through the local minimalist group to discuss downsizing and living on the road. Our friends, Lowell and Debi Hartvikson came and a woman named Cindy from the minimalist group also attended.

In college football action, the big game Saturday was the Michigan State University (MSU) Spartans against the University of Michigan (UM) Wolverines. The game was won as time expired in an improbable play by MSU. A local Michigan TV station, WZZM, apparently wanted to be the first to report on the game. Trouble was, they didn’t watch the final 10 seconds. They reported that UM defeated MSU for the Paul Bunyon trophy! That’s the problem with TV news coverage – being the first to report is more important then being accurate.

I grilled our favorite turkey burgers with special sauce for dinner, then we called it a day and watched a movie – Dallas Buyers Club. It’s based on the true story of Ron Woodruff.

Donna’s heading out for a bike ride this morning, I plan to spend the day watching NFL football.