Oranges and Birds

I added an edit to last week’s post when Donna told me Sheila’s surgery was moved ahead of the schedule. The surgery went as expected, but Sheila wasn’t discharged from the hospital until Thursday. She’s not mobile, so Donna has been her nursemaid, cook and is running errands for her. I don’t know at this point how long Donna will be needed – I’m guessing another week.

Meanwhile I’ve been keeping busy mostly with domestic chores. I’m not the meal planner or cook that Donna is, but I did some grocery shopping and pre-cooked chicken thighs on the grill to have on hand to use in simple lunch or dinner plates.

Wednesday I taught my first pickleball lesson. The lead instructor, Lorraine, gave me an overview of the day’s objectives and I took it from there. It went well and I had fun doing it. The class ran long – over an hour and a half. I’ll keep giving the weekly lessons while we’re here.

Most of the sites here at Viewpoint Golf and RV Resort have citrus trees – lots of orange trees with some grapefruit. The orange tree in our site is overgrown and unruly. We asked one of the groundskeepers about having it trimmed. She said they trim the trees every year in late February or March. Well, we were in this site last year in February, March and even early April – it didn’t get trimmed. We’ll see if they get to it this year. Our overgrown tree is loaded with oranges. Normally I would think this is a good thing, but here’s the rub. The oranges are sour and inedible!

Loaded with oranges

Lots of birds come to the tree during the day and a few of them pick at the fruit. Ozark the cat loves to watch them. I put a quail block out to feed the birds and it attracts lots of Gambel’s quail along with doves, sparrows, wrens and even flickers. The quail block is basically a variety of seeds pressed into a block with molasses. I put it under the front of the cargo trailer in our site to give the birds some security and to shelter the block from the weather.

Sparrows and a quail at the block
A covey of Gambel’s quail this morning

Speaking of weather, rain moved in the area late last night and it continued to rain this morning. You can see the wet concrete pad in the photo above. We’ve had a great run of warm weather and clear skies this week with the high temperatures in the low 70s and overnight lows in the 50s. The week ahead looks much cooler – we may struggle to reach 60 by mid-week.

I didn’t make any plans for the Superbowl this evening. I’ll probably watch it with a few snacks and an IPA or two. My only interest in the game is to see if I win anything in the pool I entered. I don’t care much about the teams – I’m really dissatisfied with the way the NFL handled the playoff games. I don’t think either team earned their way into the Superbowl.